Suck Me

Suck Me – The Card game:

As dirty as the name sounds, nothing is literally being “sucked on” (sadly). Instead the general idea of the game is to pass a card around in a circle using only your lips to hold it up (by sucking).
Suck the card
How it works:

  • Start by shuffling a full deck of cards
  • Have everyone sit in a circle and place the deck of cards in the middle
  • First person picks up a card from the middle, places it against their lips and sucks in
  • Now that person turns to the person on their left and must pass it off to them
  • Do this by having that person also place their lips against the card and suck so the card sticks to their lips
  • This continues until someone drops the card
  • if a card is dropped both people involved in the exchange must drink the amount on the card
  • This continues until someone drops the card