kings Cup

Kings Cup Rules:

Kings Cup (AKA Ring Of Fire or Circle Of Death) Is a popular card drinking game. To play the game you should have a medium size group (at least 4 players). You start by placing a red cup in the middle of everyone and spread a deck of cards around it face down. You then go around in a circle taking turns drawing cards following the rules below.
The Objective?: Draw all of the Kings

Rules Of The Cards

All Two Cards


Hand out a drink.

All Three Cards


Take a drink.

All Four Cards


Chicks Drink.

All Five Cards


Everyone must make binoculars with their hands (touch your pointer to your thumb) and put them around your eyes. Last one to do so drinks.

All Six Cards


All guys take a drink.

All Seven Cards


Point up to the sky, last person to do so takes a drink.

All Eight Cards


You and someone you pick has to take a drink.

All Nine Cards


Pick a word and go in a circle saying a word that rhymes, first person to repeat or say something that does not rhyme drinks. If you run out of words you can call out the person who started. If there is indeed no words left, the person who started takes a drink. This prevents people from using a word that has little to no rhymes.

All Ten Cards

Hand Out Ten

Give out ten drinks, you can split them up and give them to multiple people if you want.

All Jack Cards


pick a category (EX: packer player names). First person to say a repeat or say something not in that category drinks.

All Queen Cards


When this person asks a question you must respond with a question.

All King Cards

Kings Cup – Rule

Pour your drink into the center cup. You also get to make a rule.

All Ace Cards


Everyone chugs. You can’t stop until the person to your left stops.